4 Reasons to Hire A Municipality Power Sweeper

From parks and recreation to local roads, municipalities and their leaders strive to provide the best living experience for residents. As such, street sweeping of residential roads, city streets, and highways is critical for community maintenance. The following are four reasons to hire a power sweeper for your municipality:

1. Reputation Management

Sweeping services are a best practice for ensuring the tidiness of public areas. Residents take pride in calling their town “home” when it’s kept in a pristine state. It should be a priority for every municipality leader to have debris-free streets and highways. When residents are happy, they’re likely to recommend the town to friends and family seeking to move.

2. Helps Property Value

Attracting new residents to the municipality starts with making a good impression. Street sweeping preserves real estate value by maintaining clean aesthetics. People are more likely to want a home in an area where they can tell the municipality takes care of its property and residents. Sweeping thus helps protect property values.  

3. Make a Positive Impression

Making a positive impression matters for both residents, visitors, and potential residents. Additionally, a community that is clean can improve the local economy, as consumers are more inclined to eat, dine, and play in areas that are well maintained. Debris and trash don’t create an inviting atmosphere, so towns should make every effort to rid the community of litter.

4. Prevent Pollution

While street sweeping is clearly beneficial for aesthetic reasons, it’s also good for the environment. Street sweeping trucks use a combination of brushes and water sprayers to pick up dust, dirt, and trash. The debris the sweeping trucks clean up from the community help protect local water systems from pollution.

Reilly Sweeping has 26+ years of experience working with municipalities for their power sweeping needs. We have the equipment and expertise to help beautify your community and protect it from the harmful litter. Learn more about our services.