4 Reasons Why You Should Trust Your Street Sweeper

Hygienic public spaces, clean streets, and beautiful neighborhoods are only a fraction of the reason why street sweeping deserves the utmost respect.

Street sweeping is more than just ridding the earth of dirt and debris. Their work goes a long way to protect water resources, prevent floods, and remove pollutants that could damage the health and well-being of the community.

1. Street sweepers improve the environment
Imagine what your city would look like if no one picked up the trash. Gross, right? One day your dog, Max might bring you an old soda can he found on the street. While this was a nice gesture from Max, you definitely don’t want your dog, your pride and joy, picking up someone else’s trash.

Without street sweeping, neighborhoods would be unsightly and unhealthy. The primary job of a street sweeper is to collect debris and litter, then dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Street sweepers are guided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who have guidelines and regulations in place that are meant to show street sweepers how to collect and dispose of all types of potentially harmful trash to protect the community.

2. Real Estate Value Going Up
One of the most noticeable benefits that street sweepers add to our community is improving and maintaining the value of real estate. The curb appeal of a clean street improves the perceived value of the properties in the neighborhood. Whether it’s a city, town, or quiet neighborhood – proper street sweeping can make or break the value of a property.

3. Street sweepers are part of the community
Street sweeping does more good than just remove dirt and litter from the streets. It provides stable jobs for tens of thousands of people across the nation.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep a city or neighborhood clean and habitable, but street sweepers make the most visible contribution to ensure this happens.

Next time you see a clean street, remember a loyal street sweeper dedicated their time and effort to make it that way!

4. Safety first
Safety is the primary concern for the traveling public, and was the original motive for municipal cleaning. Street gutters tend to be a resting place for a variety of debris. Removal of these debris decreases the chance for skidding and collisions. Street cyclists also benefit immensely from clean streets, as they don’t have to worry about falling face first over a plastic bag floating through the air.

Don’t forget the pets!

Street sweeping doesn’t just benefit the human population. There is a large population of animals that also benefit from a clean environment. Your pets included! Roadside trash often includes food or other items that attract animals, but sadly can be very harmful. These items can cause major illnesses or even death.

Animals attracted to curbside debris can be hit by cars, leaving them severely injured or even killed. Their parents didn’t teach them to look both ways before crossing so we need to do our best to look out for them.

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