5 Curb Appeal Tips for Business Owners

Curb appeal isn’t just applicable to homes and community properties, it is also a crucial component of operating a successful business. Whether your business is a restaurant or mattress store, customers will be discouraged from trusting the cleanliness of your internal operations if the exterior is dirty.

Parking lots and building entrances are where customers form their first impression of your business. A tidy exterior is key to fostering return business. Here are 5 helpful tips for making a positive impact on new and returning customers:

  1. Scrub and squeegee: Squeaky clean windows, doors, and signage are key to projecting your professional image. Be sure to periodically wipe down these features, leaving them clean and clear.
  2. Fresh exterior paint: Keep an eye on your building’s exterior paint. A dirty, chipping, or corroded paint job sends a message to customers that your business is unprofessional and outdated. The material of your building will affect how frequently you should be re-painting.
  3. Planting greenery: Adding some seasonal plants to your business’s storefront is a great way to add a pop of color. If you have sidewalk instead of dirt, you can add some tasteful potted plants. Don’t forget to water them!
  4. Less is more: It’s important to make every effort to maintain a storefront that is clear of clutter. Too many signs or items in your windows can create an overwhelming effect on the customer. In the spirit of spring, take some time to tidy up your entryway.
  5. Sweep, sweep, sweep: With factors such as weather, seasonal vegetation, and litter all contributing to debris outside your storefront it can be difficult for a busy business manager to keep up with the mess. Yet, your parking lot and sidewalks can make or break your impression on a customer. Connect with Reilly Sweeping to learn how our commercial and retail sweeping services can tackle this problem and help enhance your store’s image.