April Showers Bring Storm Water Runoff

Spring has sprung and the rain has come. Maryland’s weather calls for rain for the next several days. With rain, come benefits, but also the potential for storm water pollution. For Reilly Sweeping, this means tackling the damage storm water runoff can cause by keeping streets, parking lots, and construction sites as clean as possible.

Runoff from street surfaces plays a significant role in the issue of pollution. Our street cleanup services help to remove pollutants before being transported in storm water runoff. While removing pollutants near their source, the quality of storm water runoff and therefore, state of our waters are improved.

Maryland’s Department of the Environment’s Storm Water Management for the Chesapeake Bay strives to prevent storm water runoff from polluting the bay. As proud members of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Reilly Sweeping takes part in saving the bay by keeping streets clean and therefore keeping the major contributors to the degradation of Maryland’s waterways out. While water flows off of our streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, it picks up all kinds of pollutants, which in turn can contaminate the water quality of streams, rivers, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We work hard to prevent pollution from entering streams and storm water systems along roads.

This is one of many reasons why Reilly Sweeping is determined to keep our locations clean. Contact us today and talk to one of our professionals in all things street sweeping!