Behind the Scenes of Street Sweeping

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it is street sweepers do? Maybe you’re usually at work when your street is scheduled for cleaning and have never seen the truck in action. Even if you do regularly see your local street sweeper there is a lot that goes on before and after they arrive to your location. Here is a behind the scenes breakdown of street sweeping:


Driver Training

Before drivers head out on the road they are extensively trained on driving and operating street sweeping trucks. Street sweepers aren’t normal vehicles that people are used to driving day to day. Street sweeping drivers learn how to safely maneuver the vehicle while operating the various tools used to do all the cleaning like the gutter brooms. New drivers train with veterans on their routes before managing their own.

Route and Weather Review

Every commuter is aware of the headaches of morning and evening traffic. Street sweeping drivers arrive on the job bright and early to stay on top of their day’s agenda. Before even leaving the lot, drivers review their scheduled route, take note of local traffic disruptions, and check the weather. All of these routine tasks help ensure that they stay on schedule.

Safety Inspection

The last step that street sweeping drivers take before heading out to clean is to check their truck and equipment. At this time, they note any potential hazards, worn down mechanical parts, and other safety considerations that need to be addressed before getting started. Once they’re certain that everything is operational, they’re ready to go!


Truck and Equipment Assessment

Another truck and equipment safety inspection needs to be performed after the day’s route is completed. Street sweeping trucks are at risk for have debris get caught and mechanical wear and tear. It is imperative to have any potential hazards handled immediately.

Route Feedback

Once it is established that the truck and equipment are in good condition, drivers need to communicate with the scheduling supervisor to report on how their route went. This step is when recommendations such as a more efficient route and other ideas are discussed.

All in all, street sweeping is both a science and an art that requires years of training and experience to execute assignments in a thorough and time-efficient manner. Reilly Sweeping employes top-notch street sweeping drivers who excel at cleaning streets, parking lots, construction sites, and more. The pre and post-route checklist is essential for ensuring a successful day of street cleaning! For more information on scheduling sweeping services, discover Reilly Sweeping’s service areas.