The Benefits of Construction Sweeping

Construction Site Cleanup - Reilly SweepingIf you have visited a construction site, you have likely noticed that they are known for excessive buildup of debris, litter, and dust. Because government agencies are responsible for ensuring that any stormwater runoff from the construction sites and roadways does not harm the environment, regular street sweeping is a key factor in maintaining compliance with the regulations to promote a cleaner environment.

Construction street sweeping helps to reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the stormwater system. This protects the health of the community, as well as the health of the environment. The EPA has established rules and regulations that require construction companies to meet certain requirements to avoid issues like erosion, sedimentation, water contamination, and non-compliance with the Clean Water Act. Employing the use of street sweeping allows construction companies to maintain cleanliness standards while making sure they are complying with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Keeping up with a well-maintained construction site also helps to keep the community happy. Construction sites are never particularly attractive to neighbors due to noise, dirt, and inconvenience, so maintaining a clean site helps to curb disapproval. Additionally, water runoff that picks up soil, sand, and silt from construction sites has the potential to harm coastal waters and overwhelm sewer storm systems, so street sweeping may be required by the municipality in which the project is taking place. In order to avoid fines and citations, compliance with these rules may be necessary.

Aside from keeping in compliance with regulations, street sweeping improves the cleanliness of a construction site and helps to maintain a great aesthetic in the community in which the project is taking place. Presenting a great visual exterior can lead to improved sales and marketing efforts by keeping sites and construction buildings free of dirt, mud, and debris. Regular sweeping is beneficial in handling a variety of materials including asphalt pieces, construction debris, and even concrete spills. These larger materials can clog gutters and drains and, if left untreated, can cause blockages that lead to possible flooding, which can affect roadways and homeowners.

Reilly Sweeping is an industry expert in construction site cleanup and our large fleet of street power sweeping vehicles and dependable operators make sure the job is done right. We work on everything from building and housing development sites to clean-up for milling and paving operations. We even have water/flusher trucks available for final cleanup and dust control for sites such as quarries and well drilling operations. Give us a call to set up your personalized construction site clean-up plan today!