Did You Know: Benefits of State Highway Power Sweeping

Benefits of State Highway Power Sweeping - Reilly SweepingWhether you’re traveling on state highways every day during your commute to work or only during cross-country road trips, roadways are an undeniably important part of our nation’s infrastructure. In addition to properly maintaining the roadways via line painting, asphalt patching, and pothole repair, municipalities must also keep the highways clean.

Keeping state highways clean is not only important, but also critical to the health, safety, and well being of motorists as well as the environment surrounding them.

Although not always recognized, the benefits of state highway power sweeping are widespread. Did you know that regularly power sweeping highways will:

  • Remove debris from roadways that could cause harmful accidents and/or increase traffic congestion
  • Improve appearances of highways throughout a community which will instill a sense of pride in residents and visitors
  • Reduce air-born pollutants that cover roadways
  • Minimize wear and tear on pavement from build-up of abrasive materials including dirt and salt
  • Deter drivers from littering to maintain highways that are already free of debris and trash
  • Keep gathered materials out of local watersheds

In addition to these benefits, street power sweeping is widely recognized as a best management practice (BMP) for municipalities by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Learn more about our state highway power sweeping and overall municipality power sweeping services.