Building Demolition Cleanup Services

Building-Demolition-CleanupReilly Sweeping is often called upon to keep many types of construction sites clean and safe. One of our more unusual specialties is cleaning up demolition sites where buildings have been imploded or bulldozed.

Every year, building demolitions produce millions of tons of debris, which must be cleared and safely hauled away. If you’ve ever seen a building being demolished, you know what a mess the process creates. Whether the structure is brought down with a wrecking ball, controlled high explosives or other methods, the aftermath is a pile of debris and harmful dust and dirt particles.

During the first phase of cleanup, large parts and pieces of the building are removed using excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment. These parts are then placed in large dumpsters for hauling. Once this is complete, the amount of gravel, dust, and other fragments still left at the site and surrounding areas is staggering. If this debris is not dealt with quickly and in an environmentally friendly manor, it can create major issues for the neighborhood and environment. Reilly Sweeping has the right combination of experience, skills, and equipment to deal with this scenario, and we do it all the time.

Another reason to call Reilly Sweeping for demolitions is because our machines are designed to help protect the environment. The dust generated in a demolition can become a hazard to human health if inhaled. In addition, if it enters adjacent waterways through storm water runoff, it can harm the environment and humans by contaminating drinking water. To control the dust, our sweepers spray water to prevent the dust from going airborne. This also allows us to gather and remove as much of it as possible.

To remove the bigger debris and dirt, we use top of the line sweeping vehicles. Our fast-spinning steel brooms sweep the debris toward the middle of the truck where it is picked up with a conveyer belt and dropped into a hopper for proper disposal.

Once we finish cleaning the demolition site, our work is rarely finished. We are often called back to perform regular on-going maintenance on the construction site as new structures are built to replace the one that was torn down. This work is similar to other construction site cleanings we do and is often required for inspections, not to mention it improves the safety of workers and customers.

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Most recently, we had the opportunity to participate in the cleanup of a major building demolition in Jersey City, New Jersey. The city removed three large buildings that were part of the Montgomery Gardens Housing Project. An immense amount of rubble was created there, and dust from the imploded buildings had spread out onto the streets. Our street sweepers did a very efficient and effective job of cleaning up this mess. We neutralized the threat that the dust and debris posed to the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

We received a great email thanking our crews for the work they did and noting how impressed everyone was with our thoroughness. The email read:

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Reilly Sweeping for the fantastic job you did on our Jersey City project. As you can imagine, an implosion of three buildings leaves quite a mess but your sweepers did an amazing job of cleaning up the surrounding streets. Not only our company, but local residents, as well as city officials were all impressed with the cleanup. I look forward to working with you again (and I’m sure we will as you are now my go-to sweeping company!).”

We always appreciate getting kind words from our customers. We strive to always provide outstanding service to our customers no matter how large or small the job is.

If you are interested in speaking to a Reilly Sweeping specialist about your demolition site, construction site, or street sweeping needs, please contact a location near you.