Reilly Sweeping Business Development

RFP, IFB, Privatization and Acquisitions

Business Development

Reilly Sweeping, Inc. is a growth oriented organization who fully recognizes that the sustainability of our customer base and continued growth and development of our company is based upon consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Furthermore, we must adapt and modify our business philosophy and principles to the ever changing demands of the marketplace and the environment.

To meet the challenges of the marketplace we have invested a significant amount of resources into evaluating our business objectives by carefully selecting hub and spoke business opportunities in and beyond our operating region. This approach has allowed us to focus our growth strategy in both current and new markets without facing typical competitive disadvantages from our competitors.

We are not the largest provider in the industry but we are positioned to respond to the needs of current and future customers in the most efficient and professional capacity that provides realistic and dependable results.

RFP/IFB Response and Development

If your municipality, company, or community is requesting proposals or bids to provide street cleaning or parking lot sweeping services and or interested in issuing a request for proposal (RFP) please contact our most local office to your service area.


If your department is considering privatizing your current operation we have plenty of actual experience in providing a seamless transition from a municipal service to a contract service.


If your company is considering selling its business and it fits into our business model we have the professional ability and financial capacity to make a competitive offer to acquire your business.

Please contact Michael Reilly for more information about acquisition services. He can be reached at (301) 725-3518.