Cleaning Airport Runways

One of the most important types of cleaning Reilly Sweeping does is for airports. Maintaining an airport’s pavement is imperative for keeping passengers, pilots and crew members safe. Without proper cleaning, runways can become extremely dangerous due to rubber and dirt buildup. To combat this and keep airports safe, Reilly Sweeping takes pride in providing immaculate cleaning services for runways, taxiways, parking lots, fueling areas and baggage claim zones.

Airport runways can accumulate rubber, dirt and grime, making them slippery and dangerous. During landing, rubber is transferred to the runway from the wheels of the plane. The buildup of this rubber, along with dirt and other debris, reduces friction, making the runway slippery and hazardous. Important markings and lines on the runway can be covered or distorted by this buildup, making it difficult for pilots to navigate. Thousands of people fly in and out of airports each day, so we take cleaning the runways very seriously.

Our highly trained operators are experienced in cleaning runways thoroughly, quickly and efficiently. We invest in personnel and high-quality equipment in order to provide reliable services. We understand that this process disrupts airport operations, which can inconvenience travel plans of passengers and cost airlines a significant amount of money. We complete each cleaning as quickly as possible so normal operations can ensue.

Each airport has different security measures and procedures that must be followed during cleanings to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members. Reilly Sweeping acknowledges the importance of these requirements and knows they must be highly regarded. We take several precautions to make sure we comply with these standards. The majority of our employees have a TWIC card (Transportation Workers Identification Credential), which is issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). To obtain this clearance, they must meet certain criteria, such as having a record free of certain crimes and no known connections to terrorist activity. Having a TWIC card affords our employees the ability to gain quicker access to secure facilities.

With every project we complete, we seek to provide the best service possible. Our cleaning experts communicate with every client to develop the best strategy to fulfill specific needs. If you are interested airport cleaning, or any of our other services, please contact us.

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