Cleaning Up after a Harsh Winter

Reilly Sweeping Street Cleaning in Washington D.C.

The harsh winter weather has made a mess of our local roads and parking lots. The above-average snowfall this year has required more pre-treatment chemicals and salt to be laid on the roadways and parking lots, leaving behind tough residue along with debris and melting snow. As winter is winding down and spring approaches, now is the perfect time to schedule a cleanup or two for your parking lots!

Why wait until spring to begin your spring cleaning? Consider the damage that these harsh chemicals are doing to your parking lot and building. Outside, debris and chemical build-up can cause surface damage to your parking areas, but it won’t end there! As employees, residents, and customers enter your building each day, they are tracking in salt, chemicals, dirt, and snow, which can cause irreparable damage to your interiors. Dirt and mud can cause severe staining to your carpets, and the corrosive nature of ice melting compounds can dull or remove the shiny finish from your hard flooring.

Here are just some of the issues you will notice from snow and treatments:

Exterior Surfaces

  • Surfaces appear cracked or damaged
  • Salt and chemical residue obscures parking lines
  • Salt, sand, snow, and additional debris visible

Interior Surfaces

  • Carpeting has deep set-in stains
  • Carpeting begins to deteriorate
  • Carpeting feels stiff/crunchy
  • Hardwood floors appear dull or discolored
  • Floors’ finish appears worn or removed
  • Tile or wood flooring suffers cracks/scratches

Your best defense against these issues is to eliminate the problem at the source: your parking lot. Our winter cleanup services will help get your parking lots and garages back in shape. Our services will remove the salt and chemical residue on your exterior parking areas, along with cleaning up any sand, dirt, and debris. This will greatly reduce the chemicals and dirt being tracked inside, along with reducing the amount of salt and sand being washed down your property’s storm drains. Give us a call today and get a jump start on your spring cleaning! We have locations that service New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, DelawareWashington D.C., and Virginia.