The Color Run Cleanup

During the summer, people are out and about basking in the sun. Just because the roads aren’t covered in snow, ice, or slippery leaves, doesn’t mean Reilly Sweeping isn’t also out and about dedicating our time to keeping various locations nice and tidy. Not only do we take conserving the environment seriously, but we also want you to be able to get out and have a good time safely

One of many ways people enjoy the summer is through a series of themed runs, whether for a cause or just for fun. In case you haven’t heard of The Color Run, it’s a 5K untimed race to simply promote healthiness and happiness. It has no winners or prizes. Runners are left coated in colored powder made of food-grade corn starch from stations lined along the run. So, as you can imagine, it gets pretty messy. That’s where Reilly Sweeping comes in. Sure, runners take time to clean their hair and such, but who tackles the streets? Just like our wide variety of projects and requests, we get out there with the proper equipment and expertise to get the job done.

The Color Run Grand_Prix_Edition_(Melbourne_2014)_(12869432083)

You might be thinking; how on earth do you clean up such a colorful mess? Well, Reilly Sweeping provides Mechanical Broom Sweepers for heavier debris, which are typically used at major sporting events in tailgating areas. For lighter debris, such as color run dust, napkins, cups, and just general litter, we use Regenerative Air Sweepers and Flusher Trucks to rinse off color dye and spilled food and drinks from paved surfaces.

Generally, Reilly Sweeping recommends the equipment needed to get the job done, but if a customer requests a specific piece of equipment, we gladly send them what they desire and get to work.

Our experts are always here to tackle your next run, no matter how colorful.  Find the nearest location to you and contact us today!