Complying with Stormwater and Environmental Regulations on Construction Sites

Construction sites are known for mass amounts of litter and debris. Keeping construction sites clean and free of debris is imperative to staying on schedule with the project at hand. It’s also a great way to keep workers motivated and potentially attract new clients. But most importantly, it is often a requirement to keep in compliance with permitting and to avoid liability. construction site cleanup

Government agencies are responsible for making sure stormwater runoff from construction sites and roadways doesn’t harm the environment. Stormwater tends to pick up all small debris and carry it to the nearest ditch, storm drain or waterway. Sites must be clean and in compliance with government regulations to keep the environment safe and healthy for everyone. Depending on your county, there are different options for things you can do to prevent fines; with street sweeping the most cost effective.

Street sweeping should be viewed as an investment rather than another cost associated with the project. Many consider limiting airborne dust and keeping waterways clean to be essential for cleanliness. Concrete, topsoil, mud, demolition materials and other kinds of pollutants need to be handled properly so they don’t get into the air or wash into the waterways. The best way to do this is by street sweeping regularly.

Here are the top three reasons to use Reilly Sweeping to keep your construction site clean with street sweeping while complying with government regulations:

  • We are reliable and operate on a pre-agreed schedule
  • We can arrange to be at your site quickly if there is an emergency need
  • We operate several types of street sweepers which are suited for cleaning different types of debris that may be on your construction site
  • Our operators are fully trained and certified

Construction sites can be intrusive to neighbors, harmful to the environment, and unappealing. Street sweeping is a cost effective solution to all these problems. Reilly Sweeping’s professionals are trained with the proper equipment to sweep your construction site.

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