Construction Site Cleanup…The Lowdown

Did you know that Reilly Sweeping does construction site cleanup? It is just one of the many services they offer. Here some important reasons for said service.

Construction sites require street sweeping for several reasons, including sediment control as well as keeping the site clean during the sales process.

Both are important to the builder/developer, and the level of importance varies by stage of construction. Street sweeping and vacuuming to remove sediment that has been tracked onto roadways will reduce sediment transport into storm drain systems
or a surface waterway. In protected watershed areas this is very important, as well as in general municipal drainage systems. Proper sweeping keeps chemicals and potential pollutants from entering the water system and controlling sediment make it easier to filter and clean the water supplies.

At construction sites, vehicles often track sediment offsite onto paved roadways. Street sweeping or vacuuming should be conducted when there is noticeable sediment accumulation on roadways adjacent to the construction site. The municipality, or general safety and liability issues for the construction company might mandate this. It also provides an extra level of safety for drivers on the roads, as at times rocks and debris also get tracked into the roadway, creating hazards.

Another necessity is fast and thorough construction site cleanup. In the case of a housing development or commercial office space, prospective buyers and tenants need easy, safe access. A clean, attractive entry is important for positive impressions, particularly if the area is still under construction.

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