Curb Appeal During Construction

When you say the word ‘construction’ and ask someone to describe what they think of when they hear it, they’ll probably mention workers in hardhats and muddy boots, large machinery, diverted traffic, scaffolding, and more. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who describes construction as clean. While construction is inherently messy, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore!

According to Statista, the United States construction industry is projected to reach $1.53 trillion worth of new builds by 2020! It is safe to say that construction site sweeping will not only remain an integral service but grow in necessity. Hiring a construction site sweeper is the perfect way to maintain a tidy work environment. Sweeping keeps things tidy, safe, and compliant. With the competitive nature of new construction, it is crucial that you make a stellar impression upon potential buyers and renters. Curb appeal is everything when getting people to buy or rent a new space, even before the project is completed!

Construction site sweeping is an effective and time efficient means of tackling dust and other debris throughout the course of a project. Excessive dust is both unsightly and a health hazard. Street sweepers are designed to weigh down dust particles with water sprayers so that the large brushes can sweep it up. Additionally, the brushes are designed to capture slightly larger debris that could otherwise cause harm to workers, pedestrians, and vehicles in the area.  All in all, a dust and debris controlled construction environment gives off the impression of professionalism and industry expertise.

When it’s time for the trucks to leave, the workers to clock out, and for the final stages of construction to wrap up, don’t forget an end of project sweeping and to establish regular parking lot maintenance for the new building!

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