Fall Celebrations = Fall Mess

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there is a lot of outdoor celebration going on. With Halloween, it’s the celebration of the day itself with trick or treaters, haunted houses, hay rides, and the like. Even though Halloween is long gone, many of the remanence of the holiday still remains. Many pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns end up smashed in the street.

Thanksgiving, a time to celebrate what we are thankful for, see family, celebrate with the community with many parades. Thanksgiving parades are a great way to really embrace the holiday season, but one thing that it does do is create a mess on the streets. Besides the obvious debris left over from a parade, there is an increasingly popular activity that creates trash.   The tradition that is being done more and more at parades are various floats throwing candy to the children watching. Which, is great to keep the attention of the little ones, but many times, that candy goes un-collected.

Between the candy, the fallen leaves and the smashed pumpkins, the streets are now a mess. And this mess can go into the sewers and cause problems to our environment.

We at Reilly Sweeping care about not only the state of the roads and streets, but about the environment. So this holiday season, when you are planning a parade, or a holiday block party, don’t forget to plan on giving Reilly Sweeping a call to plan your street clean. Call today to talk to one someone on our team!