Reilly Getting Ready for Winter

Reilly Sweeping Getting Ready for Winter



It is official…winter has arrived. And as the impending snowstorm approaches, Reilly Sweeping would like to remind you that there are ways to help prevent the destruction that winter brings. Even before the snow starts falling, the road crews are pre-treating your roads to help with the precipitation. The problem with that is, that over the course of the storm, and the plowing; the pre-treatment and salt leave a residue behind in the snow and on the roads.

Throughout the winter, that residue will build up and cause some major problems, not only for the road/parking lot/street but can cause some issues indoor as well.

Here are some of the problems that can arise with the build up of salt and the pre-treatment residue:



  • Surfaces can be cracked or damaged
  • Salt and chemical residue obscure parking lines
  • Salt, sand, snow, and additional debris visible


  • Carpeting has deep set-in stains
  • Carpeting begins to deteriorate
  • Carpeting feels stiff/crunchy
  • Hardwood floors appear dull or discolored
  • Floors’ finish appears worn or removed
  • Hardwood floors can end up warping with the floors’ finish removed
  • Tile or wood flooring suffers cracks/scratches

We want to help you avoid all of those headaches. With regularly scheduled cleanings and cleanings scheduled after big snows are removed, you will have a better chance of avoiding all of these issues and will be able to enjoy spring…whenever it arrives. So contact us today for more information!