Groundhog Predicts…SPRING CLEANING!

Reilly Sweeping Spring Cleaning

The groundhog was right; spring has arrived early this year! Winter has finally left us for another day. It’s time to go outside and enjoy this weather and begin the seasonally named event known as ‘Spring Cleaning’. That term is not only true for your house, spring-cleaning is very important for your street or parking lot. Reilly Sweeping wants to let you know the importance of keeping your streets and parking lots clean now that the weather has turned pleasant.

As discussed earlier this year we talked about the importance of street sweeping throughout the winter months to help avoid headaches that the buildup of salt and pretreatment residue can cause. If treating your streets and parking lots throughout the winter months, then now is the perfect time to remedy that. Not only will Reilly Sweeping help you clean up what winter has left behind, it will also help prevent the change of vegetation growth through the pavement. Which can cause some costly damage. The presence of dandelions, grass, and the like can cause major cracks and potholes on your surface. Besides it being a costly fix, this can cause some major damage to vehicles.

Not only does street-sweeping help save money in the long run; it will just make your surface more aesthetically pleasing. Call us today for more information!