Help Rebuild Ellicott City

On Saturday, July 30, an unexpected storm dropped over six inches of rain in two hours on Ellicott City, Maryland. Homes, roads, businesses, and sidewalks were completely destroyed by the flooding, leaving much of the city covered in rubble.

Reilly Sweeping has been assisting the city in cleaning up trash and debris from the devastation with our highly efficient equipment, such as mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers, and vacuum filter power street sweepers. With heavy-duty street and parking lot cleaning, we have been helping clear up roads, sidewalks, and parking lot areas, which were all unfortunately torn up and destroyed.

Reilly Sweeping is dedicated to helping Ellicott City overcome this unexpected disaster. We understand the jobs and even lives that were lost due to the flood, and we want to express our condolences while helping rebuild the city. Reilly Sweeping is committed to the community and helping their neighbors in a time of need.

Help Ellicott City by donating to merchants and residents here.

Find your location and contact us today, as we are always here to tackle any project and restore areas in the best ways possible.