Hiring a Construction Site Sweeper

Hiring a Construction Site SweeperConstruction sites can accumulate trash, debris, and dirt in an unbelievably short time. A dirty construction site can cause you to fail inspections, incur hefty fines, and deter potential sales. Not to mention it makes the site extremely unsafe for your workers and pedestrians passing through or by the area. Too much dust or dirt can create visibility issues, which makes your site more prone to accidents. The dust combined with large pieces of debris can cause severe injuries due to falls and vehicle accidents. Protect the people in and around your site by scheduling proper and regular maintenance.

The best way to clean up your construction site is to hire a sweeping service that will eliminate debris, trash, and dust, giving you a safer and more aesthetically pleasing site. Before you hire a sweeping company though, make sure you consider the following factors. Not all sweeping companies are created equally, so be sure to think about what services you need and whether the sweeping company you are looking into can give it to you.

Frequency of Sweeping

How often you need your site swept will depend on your project and the nature of your construction site. Some projects pose serious health or environmental risks, requiring that they are swept several times a week, or even once a day. Other sites may only need to be swept weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or as needed. The more dust and debris your construction site generates, the more often the sweeping will be required. Some companies, like Reilly Sweeping, will work with you to create a customized sweeping schedule to accommodate your needs.

Environmental and Health Concerns

Construction sites can generate environmental concerns, including polluted stormwater runoff. You can be fined for not complying with environmental standards, so make sure the sweeping company you hire knows all local regulations and guidelines. Not only will this save you money, but it may also save your reputation. Health concerns can arise from particles that pollute the air on constructions sites as well. Look for a reputable company that has a good track record and a history of completing construction site jobs.


Before you hire a construction site sweeper, be aware of the scope of your project. Think about what kind of material you need swept and removed from your site. Is there a lot of trash and large debris or is it only dust? Is the material tightly compacted or is it loose? How much material needs to be removed? The answers to these questions will dictate the kind of equipment and sweepers required for your site cleanup. Reilly Sweeping, for example, has both mechanical broom sweepers and vacuum sweepers to handle the different needs of clients. The vacuum sweepers are typically used to pick up small, fine particles such as dust and dirt. Mechanical broom sweepers pick up larger debris and can typically empty those items into a dump truck for easy removal. Depending on your site, you may need one or both. When you hire the sweeping company, make sure to go over your specific needs with them so they know what equipment is required.

Reilly Sweeping can prepare your site for permit and environmental inspections, sales events, and safe, everyday operations with a thorough construction site cleanup. We have professional drivers that are trained to complete jobs efficiently and safely, ensuring that your construction site is in perfect condition. Contact the nearest location today for a free consultation on your site cleanup needs.