The Importance of Parking Lot Configuration – From The Angle of a Parking Lot Sweeping Company

Parking lots come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve seen them all. We pride ourselves in being able to professionally sweep and clean any parking lot, including those with hard to reach areas that include sidewalks and around poles. Some parking lot configurations are quicker to sweep than others, which could save you money when it comes to cleaning. If you are re-striping your parking lot or paving a new one, keep some of these tips in mind as you design the new configuration:

  • Identify how many parking spots are needed for each area of the parking lot and the parking lot as a whole.
  • Anticipate where to best place entrances and exits based on the flow of traffic around the parking lot.
  • Estimate how long people will be parked in those spots, especially if there are companies nearby where people park all day for work.
Parking Lot Configuration – From The Angle of a Parking Lot Sweeping Company
Parking Lot Configurations

When designing the configuration of your parking lot, there are a few layouts to consider. In fact, The University of Idaho, developed a guide for parking lot design. They theorized that the layout “must be flexible enough to adapt to future changes in vehicle dimensions” and that the “aisle dimensions must be compatible with the type of operation planned for the facility.” Consider these layouts when configuring your parking lot.

There are many models to consider, such as the angle of the parking spaces and if the aisles are one or two way. However, is there such a thing as the perfect parking lot configuration?

The Daily Mail interviewed David Percy, a mathematics professor at the University of Salford,  who has developed a theory for the perfect parking lot. According to the article, the key is one-way aisles and a diagonal configuration with 45 degree angles.

No matter the configuration of your parking lot, we’ll be happy to speak with you about your parking lot sweeping needs.