Maintaining Construction Site Crucial for New Developments

Reilly Sweeping - Maintaining Construction Site Clean-upManaging a new construction build requires careful planning and organization. From meeting realistic project deadlines to coordinating vendors, developing a residential community entails many factors.

One often overlooked, but crucial, component of residential construction is maintaining the parking lots in and around the construction site. In addition to the overall cleanliness of the construction site, it’s imperative to maintain clean streets near the model homes that will likely be built first. The area surrounding the model home and leasing office will be where prospects will visit during the construction phase. First impressions will be made here; so don’t let a dirty parking lot deter future residents.

After breaking ground on a new residential building, it’s important to create a street sweeping cleanup schedule for the duration of the expected construction phase. Some sites require weekly sweepings, while others require sweeping multiple times a day to clean up silt, dust, settlement, and debris. This cleanup schedule will vary based on a site’s:

  • Volume
  • Location
  • Regional Requirements

A new neighborhood being developed with 50 houses, for example, will require substantially more cleanup than one with five new houses. A construction site in the middle of a downtown area, with increased foot traffic and visibility, should be swept more frequently than one in a rural area where the progress will be analyzed far less. In addition, regulations of specific cities, counties, and/or neighborhood associations may substantially impact the frequency in which you must sweep the streets of the construction site.

Reilly Sweeping - Maintaining Construction Site CleaningIt’s important to remember that the footprint of any new residential construction could impact the surrounding neighborhood. Be cognizant of the fact that local residents and business owners may not hesitate to report a construction site that they deem “dirty” or “muddy.” Avoid costly fines and unnecessary aggravation or downtime by scheduling your street sweeping early.

In the residential construction industry, open houses are typically scheduled on weekends. The increase in foot traffic often requires additional street sweeping before and after. Plan ahead to ensure we can maintain your site. Contact us today, and learn more about how we can help with your construction site cleanup.