Make Your Property “Present-able” for the Holiday Season

With big gift-giving holidays coming up in December many people begin shopping now. November offers a host of special holiday sales days including Black Friday (November 23), Small Business Saturday (November 24), and Cyber Monday (November 26). Despite the prevalence of online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores continue to maintain strong sales numbers. Reports from last year show that around 84% of holiday sales took place in stores.¹

What does this mean for your commercial property?

For commercial property managers, happy tenants make life easier. Keep your retail tenants happy this holiday season with a tidy parking lot. Get your property looking its best for the influx of seasonal shoppers venturing out in search of the perfect presents for loved ones. Parking lot sweeping is an easy step to make your property is aesthetically appealing to shoppers. No one wants to shop at a store when the exterior is messy because it gives off the impression that the interior will be equally as unappealing.

Why should multi-unit community property managers care?

Multi-unit community property managers know the woes of boosting occupancy during the winter months since spring and fall are the most popular times of year for people to move. If your occupancy numbers are down this winter, up your chances of attracting the limited number of winter movers with a sparkling clean parking lot and entryway.

In 2017, nearly 107.3 million people traveled for the December holidays.² The holidays are a great opportunity to make a good impression on those traveling from out of town who may be considering relocating to be closer to their family. Spruce up your exterior, landscaping, and parking lots to impress guests.

Do municipalities have to prepare for the holidays?

It can be challenging for community leaders to prepare and decorate their municipalities for all the holidays celebrated by residents. What isn’t challenging is making sure the streets are clean and presentable condition for its residents and out-of-town holiday guests. Municipality street sweeping is an ideal action to take towards a tidy community.

If you are interested in learning more about street sweeping services in time for the holiday season, contact your local Reilly Sweeping branch.