What You Need to Know About Street Sweeping in the Winter

Street sweeping is frequently conducted during warmer months in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Spring, summer, and fall offer ideal sweeping conditions in terms of weather. It’s lesser known that street sweeping is possible in the winter so long as certain weather factors cooperate and certain precautions are taken.

Winter Conditions

Street sweeping trucks don’t need to postpone activity unless temperatures are below freezing. In the mid-Atlantic and Northeast that means sweeping can be done during much of the winter. The trucks utilize a combination of brushes and water to pick up dust and debris. When the temperature is too cold it can pose a hazard to both the machinery and any area sprayed with water because it will freeze. Piles of snow in parking lots and on the sides of streets prevent sweeping trucks from operating optimally. For this reason, when it snows, it’s best to wait until the weather conditions are more favorable to resume services.

Working With Reilly Sweeping

Routine street sweeping is ideal for business owners, commercial or residential property managers, municipalities, airports, construction sites, and more. Benefits of sweeping include increased curb appeal, decreased litter, and water pollution prevention, to name a few. Sweeping contracts are simple to establish. When you work with Reilly Sweeping we strive to provide exceptional customer service from the moment we pick up the phone. Your customer service representative will ask you for details about your company or project to better provide the best sweeping service recommendations possible. By choosing Reilly Sweeping for your street sweeping service needs you’re working with a dedicated partner. To learn more about services, please contact the branch nearest you.