Why You Need A Street Sweeper

A variety of industries can benefit from the services of street sweepers. Whether you are a leader within a municipality or a property manager, there is always a street, parking lot, or walkway that needs clearing. Discover the conditions below that apply to your industry or community:

No Community is Litter-Free

Let’s face it, no community is one hundred percent clear of litter. It’s alarming that nearly 9 million tons of trash end up in our oceans each year. Gum and cigarette butts are two of the most common forms of litter and can take 7-10 years to fully decompose. Just because you haven’t noticed excessive litter in your community, doesn’t mean it’s not there. For the sake of the environment and health, every town and property can benefit from regularly scheduled street sweeping services.

Significant Debris Buildup

Living in an area that is part of a floodplain comes with some complications. Areas that often receive flood warnings or have suffered from flooding are likely to have storm drain systems that are exposed to significant debris buildup. Rain runoff in streets contributes to transferring both litter and organic debris into our storm drain systems. Large piles of damp leaves, twigs, and other vegetation pose the hazard of clogging or blocking the drains, which contributes to flooding. Street sweeping removes debris before it becomes a problem.

Aftermath of Special Event

Special events are perfect for fostering community relationships. From charity runs to local street fairs, events get neighbors and friends out-and-about. After the last person crosses the finish line or the last booth is packed up is when the aftermath of a special event is noticeable. Street sweeping can help beautify the location of a special event by ridding it of any leftover trash from food wrappers, confetti, and more.

Safety Requirements

Certain industries have specific safety requirements that are achievable by sweeping services. For example, airports have a multitude of surfaces that need frequent sweeping for safety and security purposes. From fueling areas to the runway, airport sweeping is a must for preventing accidents and delays. Reilly Sweeping is well-versed in the sensitivity of airport protocols and our operators are trained to efficiently and effectively clean, so as to allow for normal operations to continue running on time.

To learn how street sweeping can benefit your specific industry or community, explore our website and find the Reilly Sweeping service area nearest you. We are determined to create a customized plan and schedule to fit the needs of each of our client’s unique sweeping needs.