Parking Garage Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Parking lot cleaning is a popular topic among professional street sweeping companies. Whether it’s private shopping centers, apartment buildings, or construction sites, it’s obvious that when parking lots get dirty it’s imperative to get them cleaned.

An often less-noticed, but still very important service is parking garage cleaning. If your facility has a parking garage, it’s essential to properly maintain its cleanliness with industrial power sweeping.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts when considering getting your parking garage cleaned:

DO ensure all equipment being used can properly clear all entrances, exits, and ramps. Make sure the hired contractor does a complete walkthrough of your structure to ensure their ride-on power sweeper or scrubbers will not be limited by any height restrictions.

DON’T schedule parking garage cleaning for a time when your structure is highly used. The best time to clean residential parking garages is usually during the workday when a majority of residents are out of their homes, while Sunday evenings is when a shopping mall parking garage is the least populated.

DO determine if your parking garage requires additional cleaning prior to scheduling an industrial power sweeping. Understanding the level of trash, leaves, debris, and oil stains within a parking garage prior to the cleaning allows the staff to quickly and efficiently complete the project.

DON’T hire any novice with a power washer. Although home power washers work great on driveways and cars, pressure washing a parking garage has many more complications. If done incorrectly, major damage can occur to the concrete and foundation, ultimately causing safety risks. Learn more about our parking garage cleaning and industrial power sweeping services.