Parking Lot Cleaning: Why It’s Important

Aside from the fact that parking lot cleaning is a best management practice, it is actually a crucial element in positioning your business and brand. Think about how much effort you put into providing positive customer interactions and experiences. Have you considered that your parking lot is the first interaction customers have with your building? This means it can play a large role in shaping your brand perception. Dirty or not maintained parking lots suggest laziness or poor management, and can therefore damage your brand image.

Imagine a parking lot that is full of trash and debris; would that impact your perception of the business attached to it? If it belonged to a restaurant, would you want to eat there? If it were an apartment complex, would you want to live there? If it were a healthcare facility, would you trust it? If it were a shopping complex, would you buy something there?

Whether or not customers realize it, your parking lot can impact how they view your brand, quality of service, trustworthiness, professionalism, cleanliness, attention to detail, and even your stances on environmental responsibility. For this reason, it is imperative to keep your parking lots clean and free of trash or debris.

In addition to creating a positive impression for your customers, there are a number of other benefits of maintaining your parking lots, including:

  • Discourages Littering: People are less likely to throw trash on the ground in a clean parking lot; the dirtier the area, the less remorse people have about littering.
  • Minimizes Pollution: Removing trash prevents it from being washed into stormwater runoff, and eventually, to our drinking and recreational water.
  • Prevents Erosion: Debris will eventually break down the pavement of your parking lot and plants will begin to grow in the cracks. This is far more expensive to fix than a regular parking lot cleaning service.
  • Deters Rodents: The accumulation of trash becomes a feeding ground for disease-ridden rodents and other animals. These animals are unsanitary and can be dangerous.
  • Avoids Lawsuits: Large debris can cause injuries to your customers, as well as damage to their cars and tires. In addition to losing valuable customers, you could wind up with lawsuits and liability claims against you.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Parking Lot Clean?

  • Add Trashcans: Place trashcans in the middle of your parking lot to give your customers easy, convenient access. The harder you make people work to throw something in the garbage, the less likely they are to do it.
  • Schedule Routine Cleaning: Implementing a regular maintenance schedule for cleaning your parking lot will ensure that your brand’s image isn’t tarnished by an unappealing parking lot.

How Can Reilly Sweeping Help You?

Reilly Sweeping creates customized, strategic cleaning plans that are designed to fit your needs. Our parking lot cleaning services include hand-blowing sidewalks and inaccessible areas, emptying and relining trashcans, handpicking planters and surrounding areas, and bulk item removal. Based on your specific needs, we can offer other personalized services as well. Whether it is a shopping mall, strip center, apartment building, healthcare facility, educational institution, or any other building, we will help protect your business’s image by getting your parking lot in excellent condition. Contact a location near you to speak with a sweeping professional.