Do Your Part – Don’t Forget to Move Your Car for Street Sweeping

When your town or city will have its streets swept, you can expect to be notified in advance. This notification gives you a warning so you can move your car before the street sweeping begins. You will have a specified period of time when you’ll need to find another place to park. If you forget or ignore these warnings, you could end up paying a fine if parked on a public road.

Maybe it seems silly to be fined for street cleaning, but there are important reasons why this happens. When cars are not removed, the street sweepers are not able to thoroughly clean the area. They must move around the vehicles and leave dirty stretches of road. Not only does this ruin the beauty of the area, but it also contributes to environmental contamination. Because of this, some municipalities impose a fine for leaving the vehicle.

The amount of the fine will depend on your area. In Newark, NJ, you could end up with a $45 fine, while Columbus, OH charges $50. Some areas refuse to leave dirty areas and instead tow vehicles that stay behind. Columbus is one that gives the fine and also tows the vehicle, charging the owner $125 for towing and an impoundment fee of $18 per day.

We can think of plenty of better things you could do with the money you’d end up spending on a fine. Consider these ideas with the extra $50 you saved:

  • Take your family to the movies.
  • Beautify your home and improve its curb appeal with new plants or other enhancements.
  • Fill your vehicle’s tank with gas, get its oil changed or have the tires rotated rather than having the vehicle towed.
  • Buy groceries for a special family meal or picnic.
  • Go buy yourself a treat or a gift for someone special.

We’re sure you can come up with a whole list of things you could do with the money saved on street sweeping fines.

Reilly Sweeping provides street cleaning services in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and the Washington DC area. You can help us beautify your area and remove environmental contamination by moving your vehicle on street cleaning days or encouraging your area’s residents to do so. Learn more about the benefits of street sweeping to your area by contacting us.