Post-Storm Sweeping: Why Sooner is Better Than Later

There has been a series of intense rainstorms along the East Coast over the past several weeks. As Mother Nature continues to saturate areas that have already endured inches of rainfall, sizable hail, and flash floods, it is important to clean up debris cluttering the roads for a number of reasons, including preventing accidents, clogged storm drains, and waterway pollution.

The intensity of recent weather patterns has resulted in strong winds that have knocked leaves, branches, trees, and pollutants into roadways. Damp leaves make for a messy sight and a potentially hazardous commute by adversely affecting tire traction. Large piles of flattened out leaves and other natural debris also pose the risk of hiding potholes and other road imperfections that can wreak havoc on your car’s tires and suspension.

The best course of action for tackling the clearing the roads of the above hazards is professional street sweeping soon after the storm has passed. Our highly-skilled operators leverage our modern equipment to provide powerful results.

Along with affecting traveling conditions, post-storm debris can clog storm drains by restricting runoff water flow. Clogged drains can result in standing water and more flooding. Stagnant water is particularly dangerous during the hot summer months as it offers breeding grounds for mosquitoes if not dissipated within a few days.

Rough rain and winds are responsible for ushering litter into storm drains. Litter that makes its way from the streets into waterways is an environmental threat. Additionally, it is a contributing factor to the aforementioned clogging of storm drains. In general, litter and water pollution are major concerns that the street sweeping industry is helping to address by cleaning up contaminants before they impact local bodies of water and the ocean.

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