Power Sweeping is a Best Management Practice

Reilly Sweeping

Power sweeping has become a critical part of maintaining a safe construction site and has been recognized as a Best Management Practice under both the EPA Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. While originally considered more of a cosmetic practice, today, sweeping has become an important factor in mitigating the effects of potentially hazardous material and fugitive dust, which is responsible for roughly one million cases of asthma each year. 

Street Sweeping is hugely important in protecting our environment. It prevents hazardous material from making its way into our waterways and it does so affordably. Studies show that sweepers can collect impurities at a cost less than $10 per pound as opposed to removing impurities from a waterway which averages roughly $35 per pound.

As mentioned, street sweeping is a recognized Best Management Practice in compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II stormwater run-off program. Weekly cleaning has been proven to maintain compliance and suspend solids in receiving waters by more than 75% and with construction sites producing a high volume of debris, regular sweeping is crucial to maintaining the purity of our waterways.

Additionally, dirt, trash, and grit tend to be abrasive and have to propensity to shorten the life of pavement while also creating dangerous driving conditions if allowed to accumulate on roadways.

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