Property Management: Budget for Sweeping

With each new season comes a new set of tasks for property managers. Fall is considered “budget season” in the property management world and is often a time of stress. Assessing the previous year’s budget, while trying to project the upcoming year’s losses and gains is a to-do that not many want to do. For commercial property managers, there is one budget item that should always make it on the list: parking lot sweeping services.

Parking lot sweeping is essential for maintaining the aesthetic of a property, especially for businesses. The exterior of a property is the customer’s first impression of the business and often impacts whether they choose to spend their time and money at the location. The exterior condition of a property directly impacts a customer’s perception of the quality of the experience they will have there.

A dirty parking lot equals a negative experience, whereas a litter-free parking lot equals a positive experience.

There are numerous factors that contribute to creating a dirty parking lot, including human and environmental influences. Guests, employees, and visitors are all sources of litter. From cigarette butts to fast food containers, your lot is subject to be a collection spot of garbage. The fall season also contributes leaves and twigs to the debris that ends up collecting in lots, especially those with greenery islands throughout. Due to factors that are beyond property managers’ control, parking lot sweeping is a smart and savvy investment for ensuring that parking lots are maintained and kept pristine so that the property continues to attract customers.

When you team up with Reilly Sweeping to tackle all of your parking lot sweeping needs you can be confident that your property will be cleared of litter and debris. The technology of our street sweepers makes cleaning your property a quick and simple process. Our team is comprised of reliable and experienced professionals who are skilled street sweeper operators. Have walkways around your property that need cleaning too? Not a problem! Each driver has access to handheld equipment to clean up areas where our sweepers cannot be driven. Jump start your parking lot sweeping plans and contact your local Reilly Sweeping branch.