Reilly Sweeping Keeps Bike Paths Clean for Bikers

The number of people choosing to ride a bike to work or the grocery store is increasing. More and more people are realizing that using a bike for transportation is a great way to exercise, beat traffic, avoid parking struggles, and protect the environment. Towns and cities are also realizing that the more bikers they have, the less cars there are sitting in traffic, polluting the environment. To protect the bikers and encourage citizens to opt for a bike, more cities are building designated bike lanes. These bike paths are great, however they can be challenging to keep clean.

Cleaning a bike path requires a special ride-on sweeper. Bike lanes are often too wide to be swept using sidewalk sweepers. Indoor sweeping vehicles designed for gyms and concerts fill up with trash too quickly, making them very inefficient for this type of cleaning. Bike lanes are typically too narrow to use regular street sweeping vehicles, which usually cannot fit in these small spaces. Many paths also have a weight restriction, making it even harder to find a sweeper that can be used.

To satisfy the need for a special sweeper that can effectively clean bike paths, Reilly Sweeping has invested in special, ride-on sweepers that are the perfect size to accommodate these paths. These ride-on sweepers can easily fit on bike trails and paths that are only six-feet wide. They also meet most weight restrictions, making them ideal for this challenging job.

The ride-on sweepers are also perfect for:

  • Golf cart paths
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking garages with low height restrictions
  • Narrow alleys

Contact Reilly Sweeping today to learn more or to schedule your next bike path cleaning!