Reilly Sweeping Partners with Hose2Habitat to Donate and Recycle Materials

Reilly Sweeping Partners with Hose2HabitatIn an effort to keep as much of our used materials out of landfills, Reilly Sweeping is partnering with Hose2Habitat to recycle the resources and use them for a great cause. Hose2Habitat is an organization dedicated to repurposing used supplies to make enrichment toys for animals in local zoos and animal sanctuaries. The intent of the enrichment materials is to improve the quality of life for the animals, while reducing waste and creating a sustainable environment. Reilly Sweeping is donating materials from each of our locations in a company-wide effort to support Hose2Habitat.

As a street sweeping company, we have plenty of used strip and curb poly brooms lying around our various locations. We are thrilled to know that Hose2Habitat can turn the brooms into backscratchers for the animals. The backscratchers will be made in various sizes to delight elephants, hippos, lions, and many other animals in our local zoos.

Reilly Sweeping Partners with Hose2HabitatIn addition, we are donating fire hoses, which are used to make toys and jungle gyms. The hoses can be woven into cubes for large animals such as tigers, lions, and elephants to play with and use as chew toys. The hoses are also a favorite of chimpanzees and orangutans when they are made into a treetop jungle gym. By draping the hoses from the trees, it gives the animals a sanctuary high above the ground where they can play and nap.

We have been donating supplies since the beginning of spring and will continue to do so. We hate the thought of overflowing landfills and we are pleased that we can put our materials to such great use. If you would also like to get involved with Hose2Habitat, there are a variety of ways you can get involved as an individual, group, or company.

How to Get Involved with Hose2Habitat

Hose2Habitat has several programs that allow you to get involved with the organization. If you would like to donate fire hoses, PVC pipe, old brooms, or any other material that may be used to make enrichment materials, they would be more than happy to take it off your hands. For those who do not have items to donate, you can attend an event where you can actually make the enrichment items for zoos and sanctuaries. They also have a program where groups such as churches, schools, scout troops, corporate volunteer initiatives, and other organizations can be paired with a local school or zoo as an enrichment partner. And, of course, if you cannot donate materials or time, you can donate money to help their cause. For more information on any of their programs or on how to donate, please visit the Hose2Habitat website.

About Hose2Habitat

Hose2Habitat, based in Maryland, started by partnering animal sanctuaries and zoos with fire departments. The used fire hose would then be made into enrichment items for endangered species and other animals. The organization now accepts a variety of different supplies that can be used to enhance the lives of animals. Visit the Hose2Habitat website to see more pictures and videos of the animals they’ve helped.

If you would like more information about how Reilly Sweeping is involved in this initiative, please contact our Maryland location.