Say Goodbye to Winter with a Spring Street Sweeping

Reilly-Sweeping Spring Street sweepingSpring is finally starting to make an appearance after what seemed like a never-ending winter. Blooming trees, sunshine, and bright colors are indicative of this time of year. There’s just one problem: winter has left behind gloomy reminders of its bitter and cold days. Our streets have salt, chemicals, and various other dirty remnants on them, which dull the beautiful colors. Embrace spring’s vibrant colors and get rid of winter for good by letting Reilly Sweeping do a spring street sweeping on your streets and in your parking lots.

Although the snow has melted and the temperature is rising, winter storms have left our streets with remnants of chemicals, salt, dirt, broken tree limbs, dust, sand, and other debris. The debris not only muffles the coming of spring, but it is dangerous for motorists, pedestrians, and the environment.

Unkempt roadways and parking lots can be very dangerous for motorists. Salt is great for creating traction on snow and ice, but on bare roads it can actually make cars slide or lose traction. Sticks and branches can cause motorists to swerve, which leads to car and motorcycle accidents.

As the weather becomes warmer and sunnier, people are itching to get outside to enjoy it. Those sidewalks that have been buried with snow start to get used again by pedestrians, runners, and bicyclists. If they are not properly maintained and rid of the winter debris, they can increase the risk of injury for everyone who is outside trying to enjoy the sunshine.

The chemicals and salt used to treat snow and ice covered roads can be extremely harmful to the environment. With spring comes rain to help plants and flowers grow and flourish. However, the rain also washes the chemicals and salt off of streets and parking lots and into our grass, waterways, and stormwater runoff. This not only kills plants and animals, but it also pollutes our water supply. Reilly Sweeping will make you stormwater compliant by removing all of the harmful debris and chemicals from your property.

Reilly Sweeping uses the latest technology to efficiently and effectively sweep streets, parking lots, construction sites, and commercial sites. Our team of expertly trained street sweepers has experience with making the roadways safer by meticulously cleaning up all evidence of winter. In addition, we can handpick your planters and shrubs to ensure your property looks as beautiful as the spring colors blooming around it. Contact a location near you to speak to a member of our team.