More Seasons, More Road Problems

The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions are highly susceptible to the extreme weather conditions of each of the four season. Some years we experience temperatures below 0 degrees during the winter and over 100 degrees during the summer. Due to the extreme fluctuation of weather that we experience throughout the calendar year, it is critical to be aware of the road hazards presented by each season.

Winter is when snowfall, ice, and other precipitation cause consistent disturbances to roadways and commutes. Winter weather is notorious for amplifying existing damage to roadways and making asphalt pavement look worse for wear. After the dreaded winter mix storms have passed and snow has melted, it is important for the longevity of the roads to have street sweepers clean up excess road salt. Car owners everywhere will appreciate the elimination of salt residue because it can cause rusting to undercarriage overtime.

As the ground thaws, spring offers roadways and parking lots respite from frigid temperatures. Melting snow and spring showers tend to reveal garbage and debris. This debris has the potential to be ushered into the storm drain system with the melting snow. Street sweeping during the spring also helps take care of organic materials from landscape runoff as spring planting begins.

The dog days of summer are known for heat and humidity, but hot temperatures are not the sole source of hazards to roads; special events are too. During the summer, kids are out of school and many people work flexible hours, which allows for ample outdoor activities. Festivals, block parties, concerts, and athletic races are on everyone’s to-do list. Once the fun is over, litter often clutters the streets. Crumpled food wrappers, empty plastic bottles, and decorations are all hazards that pose a risk to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Street sweeping is integral to cleaning up small and large debris alike and ensuring an obstruction-free roadway.

Fall brings milder temperatures and foliage. Falling leaves can clog storm drains and prevent proper runoff flow. This is especially true if property owners do not properly collect and bag leaves from their yards. Large, loose leaves pose more than one hazard. They can disrupt traffic flow and hide road imperfections such as potholes. It is necessary to have regular street sweeping conducted throughout autumn to tackle said safety concerns.

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