Spring Rains Bring More than Just Flowers

Many people associate street sweeping with icy road conditions, and road maintenance associated with harsh winter weather, however, street sweeping is just as important during spring. While the spring season brings new plant life, sunshine, and renewal, it also brings certain conditions that make the roads dirty and unsafe.

After all, this is the time of year when we experience melting snow and April showers that bring plenty of water to the streets, both of which can cause the spread of dirt and debris.

How Does This Effect the Environment?

While April showers might seem cleansing and what we need for those May flowers, they can actually lead to environmental problems. That’s because rain falling on unclean roads can spread contaminants to the environment. Also, debris from autumn leaves, trash collected in snow and other sources can pile up over the winter and create dirty streets. Rain moves this debris to storm drains, which can lead to clogs and flooding.

Those heavy spring rains pick up pollutants from the cars and trucks that drive along the road, including oil, rubber particles, lubricants and other materials. The rain even collects bits of eroded road surface and atmospheric pollutants that have rested on the street. Plus, the water collects any salt still on the road from treating winter roads, which can have a negative effect if it spreads to the environment.

When the spring rainwater comes, it gathers all of these pollutants and carries them to other areas. These contaminants can spread to surrounding grass, natural areas, groundwater sources and bodies of water.

Spring Street Cleaning to Prevent Contamination

When the weather changes in the spring and there is no longer ice on the surface of the roads and snow along the sides, it’s the ideal time to clean up any debris and contaminants that have collected. By sweeping the streets in the spring, we can greatly reduce the amount of contamination that spring rains would spread to the environment and water sources.

Reilly Sweeping uses the latest techniques and equipment to sweep even the smallest pollutants from the streets. We can reduce contamination to the environment and create beautiful, inviting streets for residents and visitors to enjoy this season. Contact us to cleanse and beautify your area this spring.