Spring Safety Meetings

Reilly Sweeping Safety Meetings

Safety is one of our top priorities at Reilly Sweeping, which is why we hold useful safety meetings each month. Every spring, representatives from our insurance company join our meetings to provide an added educational benefit. These risk experts, from Selective Insurance, visit each of our facilities to discuss the latest safety and risk management procedures.

These yearly visits are a huge benefit to all of our employees. The Selective Insurance experts present on a variety of topics, including timely updates like the latest information from the Department of Transportation, interactive video demonstrations, and seasonal weather awareness. Other helpful topics include job site and shop safety awareness, protection equipment, and gear usage. The risk experts also provide healthy living tips to improve the overall health of our employees.

These spring seminars, along with our monthly safety meetings, help ensure the safety of our team members, equipment, and clients. Safety and customer service are our top priorities, so we’re always ready to learn about the latest updates and ways to remain safe. Learn more about Reilly Sweeping and our commitment to service.