Street Sweepers: Street Cleaning Services

Reilly Sweeping Street CleaningRecognized as a “Best Management Practice,” street cleaning has become a crucial element in business and community health practices. It is also imperative for maintaining environmentally responsible processes and for visual neighborhood enhancement.

The main benefits of street sweeping are the removal of debris and litter and preventing pollutants from entering waterways. Since a large portion of our business operates within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, street cleaning is particularly important.

At Reilly Sweeping, we provide safe street sweeping services to eliminate dangerous debris and harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment. We offer all three types of street power sweeping equipment in various sizes: mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers and vacuum filter power street sweepers. These machines can be used individually or in tandem to meet your specific project needs.

We will help determine your street sweeping needs and develop a customized program. Whether you require quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily service, we will work with your schedule to establish a seamless plan. Contact a location near you today to learn more.

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