Street Sweeping FAQs: Reilly Sweeping

Deciding to hire a street sweeper can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the various services offered. There are several questions you should have in mind when researching a company to work with. The best way to start your search is assessing your needs: what type of project do you have – parking lot, community streets, stadium, construction site, and so on? Here are some important frequently asked questions that will help inform your sweeping plans:

How long does a sweeping contract need to be?

To ensure consistency it is recommended to set up an annual contract, although there are exceptions. Having a set schedule of service will reduce the stress of seasonally revisit your sweeping gameplan. If you need cleaning after a specific event, then special event sweeping services would be ideal.

When will the service be performed?

Service can be scheduled as frequently as your project demands. For example, municipalities typically schedule service one to two times per month, while commercial shopping centers benefit from weekly services. Your customer service representative will work with you to establish a day of the week and time of day for your service.

Once a contract is established, do I have to do anything else?

The only thing left to do once your contract is established is to make sure there will be no vehicles or other obstructions that will prevent the street sweeping trucks from performing their full duties. Signs that inform the public of scheduled sweeping services are best for kindly reminding people to move their cars.

What do I do if I need to update my contract?

If you have changes to make to your service contract, simply get in touch with your customer service representative to establish the necessary updates.

If you have more questions regarding street sweeping services, contact your local Reilly Sweeping branch. All of our branches are happy to help you through the process of setting up services specific to your project’s needs.