Street Sweeping: Parades, Festivals, and Special Events

The fall and winter months are packed with fun holiday celebrations. What often accompanies big holidays besides amazing food and time spent with loved ones? Parades, festivals, and special events! Special events are a wonderful opportunity for local communities to come together for festive activities, treats, and of course to cheer on parade marchers. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many municipalities are finalizing their Thanksgiving parade plans. Whether for a parade or another special event, it is imperative to have a strategic cleanup plan. Here is a guide to street sweeping for special events:

Plan Ahead

If you have not already made plans for your post-event cleanup, now is the time to act. It takes countless weeks to prepare for parades and festivals themselves, leaving the cleanup phase an afterthought. Contact Reilly Sweeping to help you tackle the excess confetti, litter, and miscellaneous debris that dirty the streets after any significant community event.

Think About the Environment

It is important to maintain a pristine community for aesthetic and environmental purposes. Special events produce a significant amount of debris due to high attendance rates. More cleaning is needed than a small group of volunteers can take care of. Street sweeping is a time and energy efficient means of special event cleanup. Within a short amount of time, the streets of your community will be back in tidy order, free of litter that can harm animals or winds up in local water systems.

Consider Traffic Patterns

With all the fun and joys of the holidays also comes the headaches of traffic. For example, parades are great while they are occurring, but as the last group of marchers passes, attendees become anxious to get on the road home before everyone else. It is important to coordinate with local authorities and the highway department to determine alternate routes for before, during, and after the parade, especially when accounting for post-event street sweeping.

Ask Questions

Not sure how to schedule special event street sweeping services? If you are curious how long it takes, what type of equipment is used, or when is the best time for the services to occur, it is best to call the company you are interested in working with to get the most accurate information.

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