Sweeping the Site: The Final Stage of Construction

Construction project managers deal with a lot of stress: timeline delays, unexpected obstacles, budget restrictions, inclement weather, and so on. Whether you’re building a new hotel, apartment community, or office space, the construction process is no small feat. So when the walls are up and painted it’s time to go home, right? Not quite.

Post-construction cleanup is an essential final step in a project’s timeline. Regardless of whether the building was contracted by a developer or is being placed for sale, it is imperative to present your finished work in a professional manner. The building is, after all, a work of art and should be exhibited as such. Construction site sweeping is a proactive measure that will help beautify your building and make it a welcome addition to the local community.

Beyond aesthetics, safety is another reason to employ a sweeping company for construction site cleanup. Sweeping helps clear the streets, parking lots, and walkways surrounding the building of discarded screws or nails, cuts of PVC pipe, and other hazardous materials. It should be a top priority to avoid leaving behind anything that could cause injury to a person or a vehicle in the parking lot. Safety extends beyond people and possessions when it comes to the necessity for exceptional construction site cleanup; the environment is yet another factor to consider.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a set of strict rules and regulations that are in place to help prevent issues such as erosion, sedimentation, and water contamination in conjunction with the Clean Water Act. Construction companies are legally responsible for following these requirements due to the dust and debris that often accompany such projects. Water contamination is of particular concern as sediment from the site can be spread by workers’ boots, machinery tracks, and rain runoff into clean bodies of water through street sewer drains. Reilly Sweeping owns and operates ‘flusher’ street sweeping vehicles that utilize water sprayers to tackle dust and stubborn debris buildup.

Construction site sweeping is the most thorough and effective measure a company can take towards the cleanup process. Our team of knowledgeable equipment operators will work to make sure your newly finished building is clean for the sake of professional presentation, safety, and the environment. To learn about the process for hiring a construction site sweeper for the duration and completion phases of a project, check out this helpful guide.