Sweet Summertime Cleaning

While kids are anxious to get out of school and partake in various summer activities, it’s important for Reilly Sweeping to keep areas clean and safe. With summer, come various events and activities in the streets, full of vibrant decorations, food, drinks, and so on. After such events, it’s Reilly Sweeping’s responsibility to get areas nice and tidy and back in order for daily routines. While we service different locations, we’re always dedicated to providing premier cleanup services right on the spot, no matter the occasion.

Reilly Sweeping - Sweet Summertime CleaningReilly Sweeping understands how easily messes can be created, whether from an event, nasty weather, or much-need construction, but we also understand how to quickly and effectively combat these messes and restore areas to clean and orderly conditions. This is why we’ve provided some tips for staying safe and doing your part to keep streets nice and clean during the summer.

  • People may be out and about riding their bikes or taking a stroll in the sun. Leaving your trash on the ground not only destroys the environment, but it also can present a problem for those who want to go on a smooth bike ride or walk. While your trash festers in the heat, people who want to enjoy the weather may step on or run over it, which is therefore a hazard. Not only this, but as trash sits in the sun, it creates an unpleasant scent. This is why cities display a multitude of garbage bins. Children may be subjected to this filth, presenting a serious health risk. Bottom-line: don’t be a litterbug!

Regarding runners, cyclists, and just children running about and having a good time, Reilly Sweeping strives to clear construction and roadway debris, which can easily require people to have to quickly maneuver around obstacles, potentially causing accidents. While the summer lends the opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, we know it’s still our time to get the job done and keep people safe using the necessary equipment and procedures.

  • While walking your dog, use a bag to pick up after your dog. Animal waste can breed bacteria that are harmful to living things in our bodies of water. Reilly Sweeping works to protect the environment, so help us dispose of the waste before it’s carried down into the storm drain.

Reilly Sweeping knows that roadside trash, including food and other items, attract wildlife and pets, which is hazardous to their health and can be deadly. Cars can also easily hit animals attracted to curbside scents. This is yet another one of the many reasons why it’s so important for us to get out there and keep streets as spotless as possible. As mentioned, during the summer, such scents are strengthened and people are more out and about, meaning there are more cars on the road during the week.

Reilly Sweeping remains determined to clear streets, parking lots, and construction sites year round. While the winter may present different cleanup situations, our services don’t stop there. All of the activities in the summer and the fact that many people take advantage of the nice weather by spending time outside require Reilly Sweeping to tackle messes at the start in order to keep areas clean. Our experts are just a call away and will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure that your areas are clean this summer. Find the nearest location to you and contact us today!