Tending to Manual Cleanup Tasks

When you think of Reilly Sweeping, you probably think of our employees carefully sweeping streets and parking lots using our street sweeping trucks. However, not all areas can reach the highest standard of clean just using sweeping vehicles. Trashcans, garden beds, sidewalks, and other areas are inaccessible to our vehicles, so we offer supplemental services which include manual labor to ensure these areas are also in pristine condition.

We understand that our customers employ us to clean their streets, neighborhoods, parking lots, storefronts, bike paths, airport runways, etc. in order to make them presentable, safe, and environmentally friendly. None of these goals are accomplished if you just use a sweeping vehicle and neglect surrounding areas. For example, sweeping a parking lot but ignoring the overflowing trashcans is inefficient and counterproductive.

Reilly Sweeping offers garbage removal service. If you have bulk items that need to be hauled away, we can save you the hassle of calling another company by removing them while we’re onsite. We will also empty full trashcans and replace the lining as we’re cleaning. This ensures that your customers can throw things away without having to gingerly place their empty cup on a leaning tower of garbage.

Trash and debris may accumulate on sidewalks, around storefronts, and in loading docks where our street sweepers can’t reach. In cases like these, we take to blowers and brooms to remove debris. Sometimes, in extreme cases where sweeping services haven’t been performed for extended periods of time, we may even use shovels if they’re needed. We blow out windows and ledges to dislodge built-up garbage. In most cases, we’ll move the debris into the streets, away from curbs to make it easy for our street sweepers to come by and remove it.

Have grassy areas that our vehicles can’t get to? We also “pick the greens” which entails manually removing litter from grassy areas, garden beds, and median strips. We even clean large fields, fairgrounds, and venues after special events such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

When customers contact us, we develop a comprehensive cleaning program that will get the best results. A typical program may include general sweeping service two or three times per month with garbage removal services, picking the greens, and blowing the sidewalks once per week. We coordinate with you to ensure there is little or no impact to your normal operations.

If you are in need of a street or parking lot sweeper, contact a Reilly Sweeping location near you to get a free, customized quote. We provide the highest level of customer service along with safe, reliable, and thorough cleanings. Our specialists will develop a sweeping schedule based on your needs and budget.