Top Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Street Sweeper

Top Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Street SweeperKeeping streets free from dirt, debris, and harmful chemicals is imperative for the safety of motorists and the environment, which is why choosing the right street sweeping service is so important.

It goes without saying that you should do your due diligence to find a company that employs best safety practices. Make sure you find a street sweeper that incorporates safety into every process and aspect of the business. Reilly Sweeping, for example, makes significant investments in equipment, training, and people to ensure we are providing safe street sweeping.

Before you hire a company, decide what services you will need. Do you just need a street swept? Or do you need a company that will hand-pick flower beds and planters, manually clean sidewalks and inaccessible areas, empty and reline trash cans, and remove bulk items? Reilly Sweeping offers all of these plus additional services to make it easier on our customers. Hiring one company is usually easier, cheaper, and more efficient than hiring two to perform similar services.

Equipment is always an important deciding factor. Companies that invest in reliable, state-of-the-art equipment will also be able to execute projects in a quicker and more cost-effective manner. What kind of equipment they have is also important. For example, if you need a parking garage cleaned that has a low ceiling, you need a company that has ride-on power sweepers/scrubbers that can fit in areas with height limitations. Reilly Sweeping’s meticulously maintained fleet includes these as well as mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers and vacuum filter power street sweepers. These machines come in various sizes, and can be used individually or together to fulfill any sweeping need.

Dig into your research and look for ways the company works to increase their efficiency. Highly efficient companies have less cost and overhead associated with them, which will likely translate into savings for you. There are many ways street sweepers can increase efficiency, and many times you will be able to spot companies that actively engage in this process. For example, in addition to purchasing dependable equipment to increase our efficiency, Reilly Sweeping performs daily inspections and maintenance of our vehicles to reduce downtime. To reduce our environmental impact and to reduce costs, we use fuel-efficient vehicles and work to conserve fuel. We also use GPS technology to improve proficiency by mapping out the best routes for our sweeping projects.

The reputation of a company is extremely important. You need to know you are hiring a respected, reliable, and professional company. Read their company history and mission. Are they associated with important organizations in the industry such as the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.? Reilly Sweeping is actively involved in many different organizations such as ABC, but also with philanthropic organizations such as the Chesapeake Bay Fund. To learn more about Reilly Sweeping and our associations, visit Our Company page.

Whether or not you decide to go with Reilly Sweeping or another street sweeping company, we are thrilled that you are interested in street sweeping. Motorists, pedestrians, and the environment thank you.

If you would like to speak with someone from Reilly Sweeping about the street sweeping programs we offer, please contact the nearest location.