What to Expect When Hiring Street Sweepers

Feeling overwhelmed or confused with the process for ordering a street sweeper? Reilly Sweeping has compiled a list of questions pertaining to your sweeping needs to expect when you call to schedule an appointment. This guide was designed to make the process easier for you. By providing us with detailed information, we can better prepare to meet your needs so delays and surprises can be avoided.

Remember, the sooner you schedule the sweeper, the better! As with making any appointment, the further in advance you make it, the more flexibility and availability the sweeper will have. Same day service and Friday afternoon appointments are difficult to schedule, but Reilly Sweeping makes every attempt to accommodate customers when possible.

Be prepared to answer these questions when you call:

1. When would you like the sweeper?

We will need the day and time. Our team members arrive to the first job of the day within five minutes of the requested appointment time. However, please note that appointments made later in the day need to be flexible, as we don’t have control of how long the appointments before you will take. We are bound by our customers’ needs, which means if the job previous to yours runs a little long (or short), it will be harder for us to run on an exact schedule, especially if there is an emergency situation.

2. How long will you need the sweeper?

Take your best guess! We try to work some flexibility into our schedule, so if you guess 4 hours and it actually takes 5 hours, that’s not a problem! If you’re unsure of how long it will take, talk about it with us so we can help you estimate. We want to help you because if you only schedule 4 hours and it takes 8, it may not be possible to have it all completed in one day.

3. What type of work or what kind of job are we sweeping for?

By providing us with a detailed description of the job, we can make sure we are properly prepared. Sweeping a parking area sealcoat is treated differently than sweeping behind a roadway milling machine.

4. Do you have a legal place to get water for dust control?

Street sweeping requires water for dust control. Without the water, safety and work quality is compromised. Upon arrival to the job site, our sweeper will have a full tank of water, however that only lasts about an hour. This means we will need to refill the tank during the job from a fire hydrant, water truck, or garden hose (this takes longer). Our trucks carry the necessary hoses, valves, and wenches to fill from hydrants. Please note that if a fire hydrant is to be used, the water authority with the jurisdiction in the area must be notified. Please speak to a Reilly Sweeping representative for more information and contractual requirements.

5. Do you have a legal place to leave the debris?

We arrive at all jobs completely empty. We rely on the contractor for a legal place to dump the debris gathered during the sweeping. If it must be hauled to another disposal site, transfer station, or landfill, prior arrangements must be made. For more information and contractual requirements, please talk to one of our team members.

6. Do you require purchase orders or other paperwork?

If you need specific internal paperwork that we need to send or reference with our billing, please let us know when you schedule the appointment. This ensures we can provide all the required documentation for you without delay. We accommodate hundreds of active customers with varying requirements and we are happy to do so with you as well.

Reilly Sweeping strives to make our street sweeping process as clear and easy as possible. If you have questions at any point, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can answer them and address any concerns you may have. We have extensive industry knowledge and expertise, as well as a professional team that provides superior customer service. We have locations that perform street cleaning and parking lot maintenance services in Washington D.C., VirginiaMaryland,  Deleware, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey. To schedule a street sweeping appointment with us, please contact the nearest Reilly Sweeping location.